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FOX News
Dec 9, 2013 6:00am PST
montana newly wed accused of pushing her husband off a cliff. 22-year-old jordan graham, claims her husband accidentally fell during a heated argument. prosecutors say she pushed him from behind with both hands. william la jeunesse in the l.a. bureau with more. william, how is the case stacking up? >> reporter: the problem for jordan graham is credibility. prosecutors say that she has zero. she lied about what happened to her husband for several days. then led police right to a murder scene she claimed to know nothing about. seen here leaving court, graham looks like more of a sunday school teacher than the stone cold killer prosecutors say she is. after a week of getting married she allegedly pushed her husband, cody lee johnson off a cliff in glacier national park she says after an argument. prosecutors say she pushed him in the back, face first, plunging 200 feet to his death. she told police she hadn't seen cody after going to church and dairy queen. police have security camera photo of couple entering the park and their car leaving. cell phone records showing jordan was in the
FOX News
Dec 10, 2013 6:00am PST
? you got to problem with that or not? jehmu greene, fox news contributor, michael graham, radio talk show host, here to debate this. good morning. michael, it happened before a lot of people, frankly, got up this morning. what did you read into it? >> well, i'm not reading into it. the president's job is to deal sometimes with unpleasant people, you know? saudi sheikhs, communist chinese, kanye west, you know? so he's going to run into unsavory seem. going out of his way to do it particularly given the record of cuba and p given america's relationship of trying to promote freedom in cuba and having so many people from cuba like the family of marco rubio flee to america, i trust this will not be the image that lingers. i trust it will be of nelson mandela and his life, but there were other people he could have chatted up besides raul castro, a guy who runs a prison state. bill: michael, should he not have done it? >> i would say unless he was going to talk about, say, alan gross, the american who's been held there for four years now who wrote a letter last week, whose wife has be
FOX News
Dec 2, 2013 6:00am PST
supporters. we want to be strong and with you >> michael graham is here host of boston herald radio. what do you think? >> it comes down to the catholic church caring more about contraception than the rest of americans. this is an issue of a private company that is christian owned. my concern is the slope. our first amendment is cheer about freedom of religion and i believe that extends to the private sector. there are numerous catholics that use birth control. so it comes down to does the catholic church care more about healing the sick or preventing birth control? >> they are asking for exe exemptions and if they don't believe that is ethical they should be able to offer a plan that is exempts contraception. >> mr. obama never mentioned he thought this was a problem and now in 2010 it is as a sign that the catholics don't love people. this is the problem with obamacare that has a one-size fits all. these problems didn't exist until obamacare was passed >> i don't think what the issue is with offering a version that employer feels doesn't violate their conscious? >> because then we
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3